Is It Time to Re-Design Your Website

Do you own a website? Have you updated your website in the last few years? Does your website look the same today as it did three years ago? I would answer the above three questions with a yes for most of my websites. I actually have about fifty websites and most of them have hardly changed in the last few years. I have now decided that it is time to re-design some of these sites to give them a whole new fresh look.


I now feel that I have enough websites. I have now started to re-design some of the existing sites to give them a whole fresh and clean look. Some of them have become a bit stale in a way and I have to admit that I have not been that good at adding new content to them. This could be down to time constraints but is in truth mainly due to the fact that I am some what lazy. My main sites are to do with psychic readings, being an IBM distributor and providing trade equipment.

For me this is like having a new website and it gives me the same buzz. It also refreshens up my whole attitude to the sites by making me want to spend more time in promoting them. I am actually quite excited by the whole thing and will work hard to promote the new look sites with lots of articles and other forms of web promotion.

I have now finished the first batch of the re-designs and I am now monitering their progress revenue wise. If it all goes according to plan I will then push on with the next dozen websites. The site i am happiest about is Australian Bookmaker Free Bets website

I am also hoping that I can lose my lazy streak and that I will be disciplined enough to add extra content to the sites in the future on a regular basis.

If you are planning to re design your website but do not have enough time to do that, you can always buy a premium wordpress theme at themeforest and hire freelancers at Upwork. As for me, this would be the best and the fastest way. I hope you found this post useful. Feel free to post your comments below!


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